I am an interaction designer & Rails developer. The advantage of the web platform is that it’s available to everyone. I believe it’s my job to create web applications that are pleasing and don’t require the users to go through a manual to use them. I have been involved in bringing websites and products to web since 10 years now. I’m also passionate about typography, photography and code readability.

New Site Development

I create web applications from scratch working with the stakeholder each step of the way. By designing out the interfaces first, I minimize delays and guesswork by making sure what’s going to be the end product. I’ve developed and designed a wide variety of applications ranging from social networks to productivity and intranet applications.

Code Reviews & Refactoring

As a contributor of the Ruby on Rails framework and having worked in a wide array of applications, I can appreciate the need of clean code. Code refactoring requires a sharp eye to make sure that the code is not repeated and easily understood to the new developers. I offer code refactoring, improving test coverage, upgrading to latest technology and code reviews for applications that are out of touch.

User Interface Design

Every application’s major part is its interface. I design the interfaces of my applications first as it clarifies the intent to the user. I emphasize on clarity in the product. By critically thinking about the user’s goal, I minimize the number of steps and customize the experience tailored to the user’s specific task at hand. I believe lots of good applications suffer because of poor UI. I’d like to change that.